gereken Zaman için zorunlu bir sözleşme (gün) Kaynak: Dünya Bankası, proje İş Yapıyor (

gereken Zaman için zorunlu bir sözleşme (gün)

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Uzun açıklama: Bir sözleşmenin uygulanması için gerekli zaman son kararı ve, uygun durumlarda, ödeme kadar mahkemede dava takvim gün sayısı.



Yöntem: Data are collected by the World Bank with a standardized survey that uses a simple business case to ensure comparability across economies and over time - with assumptions about the legal form of the business, its size, its location, and nature of its operation. Surveys are administered through more than 9,000 local experts, including lawyers, business consultants, accountants, freight forwarders, government officials, and other professionals who routinely administer or advise on legal and regulatory requirements. n A judicial system that provides effective commercial dispute resolution is crucial to a healthy economy. Without one, firms risk finding themselves operating in an environment where compliance with contractual obligations is not the norm. n 

Kaynak: Dünya Bankası, proje İş Yapıyor (

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