Zaman gerekli oluşturmak için bir depo (gün) Kaynak: Dünya Bankası, proje İş Yapıyor (

Zaman gerekli oluşturmak için bir depo (gün)

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Uzun açıklama: Bir depo inşa etmek için gerekli zaman takvim gün bir depo binası için gerekli işlemleri tamamlamak için gereken sayı. Eğer bir prosedür ek ücret ödemeden hızlandırılabilir, hızlı prosedür, maliyet bağımsız olarak seçilir.



Yöntem: Data are collected by the World Bank with a standardized survey that uses a simple business case to ensure comparability across economies and over time - with assumptions about the legal form of the business, its size, its location, and nature of its operation. Surveys are administered through more than 9,000 local experts, including lawyers, business consultants, accountants, freight forwarders, government officials, and other professionals who routinely administer or advise on legal and regulatory requirements. n To build a simple commercial warehouse and connect it to water, sewerage and a fixed telephone line, many construction regulations are required. Construction regulation matters for public safety. If procedures are too complicated or costly, builders tend to proceed without a permit. By some estimates 60-80 percent of building projects in developing economies are undertaken without the proper permits and approvals. Good regulations help ensure the safety standards that protect the public while making the permitting process efficient, transparent and affordable. n The Doing Business project of the World Bank encompasses two types of data: data from readings of laws and regulations and data on time and motion indicators that measure efficiency in achieving a regulatory goal. Within the time and motion indicators cost estimates are recorded from official fee schedules where applicable. The data from surveys are subjected to numerous tests for robustness, which lead to revision or expansion of the information collected.

Kaynak: Dünya Bankası, proje İş Yapıyor (

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