Yenilenebilir iç Tatlı su kaynakları, toplam (milyar metreküp) Kaynak: Gıda ve Tarım Örgütü, AQUASTAT veri.

Yenilenebilir iç Tatlı su kaynakları, toplam (milyar metreküp)

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Uzun açıklama: Yenilenebilir iç Tatlı su kaynaklarının aktığı ülkede iç yenilenebilir kaynaklar (yağışların nehir akar ve yeraltı suyu iç) bakın.



Yöntem: The data on freshwater resources are based on estimates of runoff into rivers and recharge of groundwater. Renewable water resources (internal and external) include average annual flow of rivers and recharge of aquifers generated from endogenous precipitation, and those water resources that are not generated in the country, such as inflows from upstream countries (groundwater and surface water), and part of the water of border lakes and/or rivers. Non-renewable water includes groundwater bodies (deep aquifers) that have a negligible rate of recharge on the human time-scale. While renewable water resources are expressed in flows, non-renewable water resources have to be expressed in quantity (stock). Runoff from glaciers where the mass balance is negative is considered non-renewable. n Total actual renewable water resources correspond to the maximum theoretical yearly amount of water actually available for a country at a given moment. The unit of calculation is km3/year or 109 m3/year. Calculation Criteria is [Water resources: total renewable (actual)] = [Surface water: total renewable (actual)] + [Groundwater: total renewable (actual)] - [Overlap between surface water and groundwater].* n Fresh water is naturally occurring water on the Earth s surface. It is a renewable but limited natural resource. Fresh water can only be renewed through the process of the water cycle, where water from seas, lakes, forests, land, rivers, and dams evaporates, forms clouds, and returns as precipitation. However, if more fresh water is consumed through human activities than is restored by nature, the result is that the quantity of fresh water available in lakes, rivers, dams and underground waters can be reduced which can cause serious damage to the surrounding environment. n *

Kaynak: Gıda ve Tarım Örgütü, AQUASTAT veri.

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