Yaygınlığı HIV, Toplam (% nüfus 15-49 yaş) Kaynak: UNAIDS tahmin ediyor.

Yaygınlığı HIV, Toplam (% nüfus 15-49 yaş)

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Uzun açıklama: HIV yaygınlığı HIV virüsü taşıyan kişilerin yaşları 15-49 yüzdesini gösterir.



Yöntem: HIV prevalence rates reflect the rate of HIV infection in each country s population. Low national prevalence rates can be misleading, however. They often disguise epidemics that are initially concentrated in certain localities or population groups and threaten to spill over into the wider population. In many developing countries most new infections occur in young adults, with young women especially vulnerable. n Data on HIV are from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Changes in procedures and assumptions for estimating the data and better coordination with countries have resulted in improved estimates of HIV and AIDS. For example, improved software was used to model the course of HIV epidemics and their impacts, making full use of information on HIV prevalence trends from surveillance data as well as survey data. The software explicitly includes the effect of antiretroviral therapy when calculating HIV incidence and models reduced infectivity among people receiving antiretroviral therapy, which is having a larger impact on HIV prevalence and allowing HIV-positive people to live longer. The software also allows for changes in urbanization over time - important because prevalence is higher in urban areas and because many countries have seen rapid urbanization over the past two decades. The estimates include plausible bounds, not shown in the Indicator data, which reflect the certainty associated with each of the estimates. The bounds are available at http://data.worldbank.org and from the original source.

Kaynak: UNAIDS tahmin ediyor.

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